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Cara Memilih Bonus Casino – Perlu Diketahui Manfaatnya

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Residential buildings owners need to know about the local laws in detail

USA, 22nd March 2017: People who wish to know about the rules that International Residential Code (IRC) lays down for elevation balcony grills can consider the aforementioned website. It is a comprehensive platform that helps people in designing their houses and making sure that they adhere to the local laws at all time. There are a number of aspects that have been covered on the said subject and it is important to know all of these before planning a construction.
These rules by IRC are meant to set the safety standards in different residential buildings. From the gaps between railings to the support system and the dimensions, there is a lot of information which can prove to be handy. Whilst there are some normal rules which need to be followed at all times, the ones that are specific also need to be adhered to. The guardrails heights, the material that is used for them and tips to strengthen them have also been included.
There are many images of such specific Indian house front elevation balcony grills which are aimed to help users in their designs. Apart from the aesthetic aspects, it is important to follow all the safety precautions as well. Representatives of the IRC are expected to conduct surprise visits to ensure the same and hence, ensuring that all the checks are ticked at the execution stage makes sense.
The website says, “Anyone who wishes for their house to be in complete adherence to all the building rules by IRC should visit our platform. It includes many house plans and designs that you can make the most of. Apart from this, each part of the house has been further bifurcated whilst explaining the building codes. These are different in each local area and therefore, you will need to check for your specific region when designing your house.”
To obtain more information about the codes, visit
About the website
The website claims that the pictures of elevation balcony grills have helped many users in designing the same. There are different types of such grills and the platform has a series of posts which are meant to help people in their endeavors. The information provided here is believed to be reliable and there are some practical solutions which can be considered.

Friday, September 9, 2016

women's hair for 2015

alright i have my next victim i feel like i'm cutting off everybody's hairall the time it's really fun but i want to make sure thatyou guys know that i'm not anti-long hair i think long hair is beautiful but i likeshort hair too so this is awesome christina that i was telling you about, i cut her babywilliams hair a little while ago and she decided that she wants to chop offher hair a little bit at or below her shoulders and do a reallycute balayage

like peekaboo highlight technique so that'swhat we're doing today and i am ready to chop off this pony tail what i did was pulled it back the way shenaturally parted it when she came in i pulled it back in a ponytail and then iheld my fingers where that ponytail met and i pulled it back around front to make sure that was long enough for herso we have that length and this is where it is and we're going to cut it off now, when ido this i usually i usually just stick my shears in and do alittle bit at a time it helps to not make your shears dull

it's gone!!! it's scary. oh and look at her pretty ombreit's gone it's like a little pony horsey tail it's falling apart because i didn't put avery good elastic in there now i'm going to color it because this cutis definitely not done it's uneven, there's a long piece right here but you know what it's close enough to wherei won't be waisting a ton of color i'm going to do the color and then we'll cutit after the color is done

so for the color she wanted the top to notbe any maintenance so doesn't want to have highlightsthat come straight out from the top of her head so we're going to section off right at theroll of the head and that is where the head starts to roll down so like the top of the head would behere these are the sides this rolling part that's right on thatlittle roll that we're going to pull this hair up and i'm just doing a circle section inthe back and it doesn't have to be perfect i'm going to pull all of this hair and putit in a clip

now i'm not going to want to do anything onthe roots of this hair, i might pull it down and do just a few on the very ends like abalayage technique but all of the highlights that i paint onor i mean an ombre technique maybe just with this but i will a deeper highlight in throughhere to make the peekaboo but i will be using a balayage and that is just when you paintthe highlights onto the hair freehand and you're not usingfoils and i'm using the framesi decolor cream and i always use that when i do balayage techniquebecause if you're using foils it doesn't really matter you can use the bleach that swellsor whatever but if you're painting it on by and it swells then it will be messy and itwill give you polka dots all over the head

make sure that the cream or the color thatyou are using is non swelling when you're doing this technique and this is virgin hairit doesn't have any color on it we had the lightning on the end that we cut off but icould even just use a high lift color line on this because it hasn't had artificial colorput into it but sine we want it to be i don't know you said that you liked the reddish whatwas that in the picture that you showed me but that was her natural hair okay so you'renot wanting to change your natural no i guess not well i think that the balayage techniquewill give it that look a little bit anyway because so of the parts of the hair that justgot a little feather of the lightener will be more of a reddish tone than the actualhighlight part so it should melt and be similar

to that so i'm going to mix up the color okayso i mixed up 20 grams of the decolor cream and 20ml of the 40 volume developer and imade sure that i went with 40 because her hair is very dark and we don't want the highlightsto be too dark we want them to be pretty light right you gotta wear gloves when you do thisbecause it can get really messy and you need a few clips to help keep the hair up so i'mgoing to start on her right side and take down leave like an inch and a half sectiondown so just about that big side of her head and you need to pull it tight and then you'regoing to pick up your color your decolor cream or whatever you are using and you want tohave a good amount on the brush no like enough that's going to fall off but a good nice lineon there and you are going to pick a spot

and start and you just draw it down and theni usually do a little bit wow frog in my throat i usually do just a little bit different onthe levels just to make sure that it doesn't have like solid lines in there and these keepit real soft and natural so that you don't have huge noticeable lines and then on theends on just these little ends i'm going to saturate it a little bit so it's kind of abalayage or ombre kind of an ombre technique make sure you get both sides on the bottomand then you can just let it sit like that so we're going to take down the next sectionmake sure you wipe your hands off when you grab the next section i'm just going to do one big one on this oneright here right over her ear make sure there is a good amount of coloron the spots that you are lightening because

if it's too thin then it won't lift enoughokay so on this underneath one i had one and so on this one i'm just going to do the twoedges and bring it down so you can pull it a little bit tighter to a v shape and you'llnotice in the middle i did a teeny little one in the middle just to soften the lineokay this will be the last section on this side i'm going to leave this front piece outbecause it already has that really big one alright we'll just do a few small ones onthis one at different levels i like to do the ones that are a little bit taller by theface because naturally the hair around the face is usually a little bit lighter and if you see any really big chunks you cansmooth them down you don't want anything really huge dripping down into spots that you don'twant them so make sure it's clean but saturated

okay so that's all for that side lets do thesame thing on the other and you don't have to do the exact same pattern you can try tomatch it i'm going to kind of try to remember what i did but it doesn't it's not reallya huge deal it doesn't have t look the exact same as long as you have about the same amountof color in there it should look good so now we need to do something in the back and iwant it to match or be similar so i'm going to take that same type of thing pick up sectionsstarting from the back down here but you can go a little bit higher because it's okay tohave a darker base underneath back here so i'm going to start right there just belowor in the middle of the ears right before the head starts to roll under really steepso right there take a little bit more okay

and then i'm going to be working in two differentsections here because that's too big to hold in your hand and the hair would just not reachso i'll start over here i'm taking pretty big sections down probablyan inch and she has thick hair so it's a lot of hair but the more hair that you take downthe less noticeable the highlights will be because there's more thickness covering thembefore the next highlight level because i'm taking a big section down and then sectioningthat one off again back here to just be highlighting this smaller top section so that there's likean in-between making it a peekaboo color that kind of shows through the darker layer onthe sides i didn't do that because they're going to have all of this darkness layingover them and that will create the peekaboo

but since we're back here i'm just doing becauseit's faster and it doesn't really get seen so you don't really need to worry as muchback here and then if you have like i did a really bigchunk in the middle here so in order to give it a little bit of variation i'm going totake a little section and not paint that one at all so now that i'm up here closer to thetop my section is a little bit smaller so i can handle this whole piece because of howwe sectioned off the top so i'll just do three highlights on this one and you can see as i'm getting closer to the top i'm taking alittle bit smaller section just because iwant there to be a little bit more lightness on the top

you can see the ends over here are alreadylightening up really nicely getting a really pretty nice blond color so i'm glad that we'reon our last section becausecatch it needs to up alright so that's pretty much it i don't think we're going to do any on the top at all just because she already has these leftoverlittle bit of highlight on the ends from the last time we did her balayage and that's goingto blend it in real nicely and we kind of want it to be peekaboo anyway so i think we'redone with the color we'll just let you process back here for another 15 and if these aretoo light if these are done if these one process all the way to where i'm like oh i like howlight those are and this isn't done yet then i can just rinse out the two front sectionsand leave the back if i need to do that but

i don't think i will i think it will be okayit's actually natural looking to have the hair slightly lighter color in the front thanthe back so that's why i started in the front with this one okay i let it process how longdid we let that process probably like 25-30 minutes so like 30 minutes and i just watchedit and it looks light enough to me i'm probably going to tone it with a b because it has alittle bit of an orange tone to it so i'll use a redkin shades eq 9b you can see hereit's a really pretty caramel blond there is a tiny little bit of brassiness in it it'snot bad but i like the tone that toners give so i'm going to tone it okay i just washedher hair out i am mixing up the toner just an ounce of the 9b it's called sterling andit's from the shades eq and then you have

to use the processing solution it's one toone so and ounce of the processing solution and i always just when i'm doing toning ijust mix it with my finger real quick cause it's not going to be on my hands for verylong and also i ring out the hair to get all of the extra moisture out because hair islike a sponge so we gotta try to get some of the water out so it soaks up the tonernice so even towel dry it if you have to to make sure that you get all of that extra waterthat you can get out okay so now we're ready to pour the toner on and since it's mostlyon her ends we don't need to tone this top section but it's okay if it gets everywherebecause it only deposits on the hair that's lighter than a 9 or lightened hair it won'tdo anything to her brown natural hair so it's

not something scary just pour it all overand work it into the roots and sometimes to get all the rest of the color out i dip theends in to kind of smear it around an soak up the last little bit and then you can actuallywatch the hair change it's like magic right before your eyes so the brassiness is justgetting covered up by that blue tone and it's turning into that really pretty caramel colorso you can see that's a different tone and it looks much better so i love toning almostevery time i lighten i use a toner of some kind usually unless they want it really reallybright and i got it lighter with the bleach then i can leave it sometimes but that's goodi think it's time to rinse it out okay everyone we are done with the color and i'm going tocut her hair now so the link to the haircut

will be right here and i will show you theend result of the color after i do her haircut because then it will be dry and you can seeit and it will be prettier so i hope this color technique helped you and it gave yousome new ideas to leave the top untouched and just do the peekaboo highlights it's afun new idea and i hope you guys try it let me know how it goes give me thumbs up andcomment and let me know what you guys want to see next time we'll see you later bye

Thursday, September 8, 2016

women's hair for 2014

hi everyone it's april with hair 101 i'm goingto show you how to do a really cute haircut today i haven't really decided what to callthis but it has like heavier bang everything is kind of forward and then then there's biggersides like heavy sideburns that are kind of angled forward and the back is really reallytight um so in order to get that we are going to start sectioning off the hair and we aregoing to section off this mohawk section and then go down to a pretty deep point well nota deep point in the back but a point in the back so just right at the roll of the headwe are going to take that mohawk section and then in the back you are just going to takea triangle or a point from both of those original lines from the mohawk so it should look likethis now the reason why i do this is because

it leads a little bit more length and a littlebit of shape to the back of the hair so that you don't have a flat spot so we are goingto click that up so this haircut was actually inspired from one of the viewers that we havethey sent me some pictures and they said do something like this so we are doing it andthen in the back from that point we are going to go straight down and then we are goingto section off also from that point over to the ear so we are cutting quite a bit of herhair off it's going to be a pretty big transformation and she has naturally curly hair so we aregoing to make sure we don't cut it too short i'm going to leave a little bit extra lengthand also the reason why we are cutting it wet still is because she is going to be flatironing it if she was only going to be wearing

it curly i would maybe cut it different butshe will be blow drying and flat ironing this so mainly we just need to keep in mind ifit's curly to leave a little bit more play room in there for the length alright so nowwe are going to start in the back now that we have those three sections parted off inthe front i'm going to have you look down so we are going to have this hair in the backparted down the middle and if you want you can clip it out of the way if you can't keepit to the side that you need it on i'm just going to clip it away so i can make sure tokeep my partings really clean there we go alright i'm going to start on this left sectionand i'm going to take a diagonal section just like this so it's going like this forwarddiagonal forward and just a little bit we

are going to keep the sections nice and smallso this is going to be our first section and we are going to cut it pretty short okay soi'm going to be cutting it pretty much as short as my fingers and i'm going to be cuttingpalm to palm so right there and i'm going to take that first little bit okay look down there we go alright we aregoing to take this first little bit and cut it and then we're going to follow the shapeof the head so we are not going to leave a really heavy weight line back here yet thisis just going to be taking off the bulk and the length so we want it to be pretty softand i'm going to go through all of these sections and on that first one okay look down againthere we go so we are going to take a little bit of the guide from before and comb it intothe section that we are working on again so

we are going to lift it up find the guideand don't cut past that second knuckle you are going to keep moving the hair moving yourfingers along with the roll of the head and i'm going to make sure that i follow theroll of the head here so that it gets that corner taken off we don't want to build toomuch weight there we go and you should be pulling it straight out from the head cuttinglots of hair off there we go rolling it around alright so once you get that section in weare going to go back through this way and just check to make sure you don't have anyreally long pieces and with her hair being curly if there's anything poking out reallyfar too shoot i dropped my pink comb now i have to find another one oh and now we havea black comb okay so this is our last section

and we are going to pull that straight outalright so that section is done and you can see it does have a little bit of a weightline here and that's okay we want it to have that so now we are going to do the same sectioningthis way we are going to go back to this back right section we are going to take a sectionfrom right about there and just go forward angle it forward and we are going to pickup a little bit of this one a little bit of the side over here to get the length so on this side it's a little bit differentbecause we are cutting from this way from the right to the left instead of from themiddle to the outside so we want to make sure that we follow the roll of the head but firsti'm just going to pull up this little section here and cut that and then i'm just goingto move across this way and make sure that

i'm moving where i'm cutting so i'm standinga little bit different i'm moving around to make sure that i don't leave too much of acorner in a point right here because we want it to be pretty tight and then right hereshe has a little bit of a growth pattern that comes down into a point so i'm just goingto lift this up and point cut it and i'm going to take this off with a razor and clean itup a little bit later too but for now just get that really long piece out of the wayokay so we're going to take another section down we're taking that hair straight out fromthe head looking for the guide underneath and then it should match up with this guidethat you're taking from the other side too you can see it as i pull it up right therethey match up there we go pull straight out

from the head there we go okay last sectionwell that's not true alright okay here's my last section on the back there we go okayso make sure that you check these two sides and make sure that one's not longer this onedoes feel a little longer so i'm going to go back in here and it looks like right abouthere it got a little bit longer so you always check that make sure that you're not missingyour guide and graduating or gradually getting longer because that will make a bit mistakethere you go so it might just be that i wasn't pulling it straight out from the head seethere you go that's where the length was hiding you just need to pull it straight out fromthe head okay so same thing as before on the back and you can see that it's giving it likea good shape right here she has all these

little curls so we're going to go in likethis okay look down one more time and i'm going to take off some of these curls thatare flipping out really big like that and just taper them down a little bit with scissorover comb any corners that are hanging off and you want to just do this in the bottomsection right here just to tighten it up a little bit so as this hair is drying the curlpatter shows a little bit more too so you can come in here and just tighten it up itis better to cut a neckline with curly hair when it's dry just because you can see whatis going to happen with all the little turns in the curl so we will probably mess withthat a little bit later once we start doing our detail cutting so for now we are goingto work on this next little section in her

for this section i'm going to take these twodown and i'm going to split them again right at the ear i'm just going to comb that forwardand let the ear split it so now i'm going to be taking sections vertical and i'm goingto pull them straight out a little bit angled outward but mostly straight up and down weare just going to go ahead and cut that off alright and the we're going to take a littlebit of that guide and start working towards this ear over here pulling it straight upand knocking that off and we're traveling we're not over directing the hair we're pullingit straight out and work in small sections so that you can keep track of what you are doing okay we aregetting close to that division point where it's going to start going forward but bringthat last piece straight out draw a straight

line okay let's do it on the other side make sureyour partings are clean there we go and traveling with it pulling it 90 degrees from the headand just cutting it straight up this is going to give it more of a round shape alright okayso now we're going to work on the sides and the haircut is going to have a lot more weightup here in the front so we are going to take sections like this diagonal forward and we'regoing to bring them back this way and we're going to over direct them towards the backso this very first section around the ear i'm going to grab it a little bit smalleri'm going to cut this one a little bit different because i want it to be a little bit tighterin so i'm going to pull this one down and push it against her ear and im going to pointcut around her ear just to give it some point

shape there and then i'm going to take thisnext section and this is going to be where i start pulling it over directing it and i'mgoing to pull it right into that section right behind the ear and you will have a guide underneaththere im going to point cut so then when you bring this forward it's going to have thisangled forward like this so we're going to bring all of that hair back to this spot andcut it here so we're building the weight in the front of this haircut so we're going tohave a pretty dramatic sideburn there and that's what we want we want to have a lotmore weight in the forward part of the haircut just keep taking those sections and you shouldbe able to see your guide underneath you can see it right there okay and i'm going to goin and detail some more of this layering of

the face after i'm going to do this otherside first it's short huh okay so on this other side we are going to do the same partingssame thing and take that first little section and we're going to do some point cutting aroundthe ear to get a little bit tighter in there okay and the we're going to take the sectionsdiagonal forward and then over direct them back and find the guide back here and thenjust point cut them out alright make sure that these are similar lengths this one isa little bit longer right in here i'm just going to point cut into this a little bitmore there we go okay so now we're going to take this top section and we're going to splitit into two sections so the first half we're going to do the back first and we're goingto do it right on the division point where

the hair would normally start going forwardor going back so the top of the head the high point of the head okay so that's about right clip this part away alright so we're goingto be working on this back section first i'm going to take a section right in the middleabout a half of an inch thick and this is going to come and we're going to come straightwe're going to find this guide first of all that's right here and we're going to continuethe line that's straight up off of the top of the head take a half of an inch to an inchsection we're going to go pull it straight back and we're going to continue this linestraight up from the head so this is going to build a little bit of weight the way thatwe are cutting it on the top of her head and just continue that straight up line and ifyou do it this way then you are going to have

hair on the top of the head that will rollwith the head so it's not going to look flat if you kept cutting it this way it would lookreally like round to her head and she wouldn't have height up here and she wants height mostpeople do to give it that little bit of extra style to it okay so we're pulling it straightout and then you keep doing that straight out alright right here going to the otherside you can see the guide alright okay so we have that shape that we want you could wear thiscurly it would be cute maybe i will we're going to take sections this way so you aregoing to take an inch and you're going to go all the way across that top section whereall this long hair is and you are going to pull it back we're over directing it now tothe back section that we cut up and let me

tell you why anytime you pull hair from thenatural place that it grows you are pulling it back you're creating length in the frontso if you're going to pull the rest of these sections back here and cut them when theyfall down you're going to have longer pieces up here in the front around the bang and thefringe and we're going to play with those and detail those out so from this point forwardon this haircut i'm going to be pulling it back to this section that we cut right herewhen we cut it straight up from the head alright and i'm also going to leave a little bit morelength in the mohawk section of this haircut so for this first section i'm going to pullthat whole entire strip the half inch section back and then i'm going to point cut it onan angle so i'm going to move my fingers like

this find the shortest spot and i'm goingto point cut up this way okay so i'm going to do that to all of these sections pull itback to the same spot so as you are doing this your weight line will get thicker oryour um guide line will get thicker and thicker and it will be easier to follow because youare pulling more of that hair back over to the same spot see how it's getting reallynice and thick last little piece alright so now that we've done that we are going to startover back to that same first section that you took and we are going to pull it the otherway so we are creating a mohawk like a point like a v shape on the top so now we are goingto point cut this way i'm going to move in front of her so yeah this is definitely easierto cut this way sorry if you can't see because

you can move from your fingers and go up inthe v section and you are combing it back when you're stepping forward you have to remindyourself that you're cutting it on this angle that's a little to big still take smallersections even if you can fit it all into the same cut it's better for your scissors it'sbetter for the haircut it will take a little bit longer but the end result is a littlebetter okay so last section we're pulling it back here not very much of it will reachthat's okay then we're going to comb all of this hair forward she has lots of hair okayso now we're going to take a bang area out of this it's very heavy up here we have lot'sof fun curl going on it actually will be cute to wear this curly too okay and she partsher hair on her left side so i'm going to

be pulling the hair toward this side towardsher left side i'm going to take diagonal sections i'm going to pull the hair this way and findthis guide right in here where the hair gets shorter again as soon as you see that i'mgoing to cut it this way and pull all of that hair this way and cut and that way when wepull it back over this way it's going to give her a side bang this way so i'm going to dothat and i'm going to point cut a little bit more into it just to give it some more texturebecause this is her bang and you can see the guide underneath here alright so now we'regoing to comb it back where it's supposed to go and that is our little side swept bang youcan see it it just follows along that line alright so i'm going to have some fun withthis heavy piece left here in the front you

can see that it's a little bit shorter thanthe one over here just because of how we cut everything so we're going to take the scissorsin here and just kind of texture out some pieces and you can call this slither cuttingor channel cutting there you go just a little bit of detail cutting and i'm going to dothe rest of this cut dry and straight because that's how her hair is going to be worn todo all of the detail cutting in it so we're going to dry it up and flat iron it and beback in a minute so i dried it and flat ironed it and there's a lot of texture and detailwork that i want to put into this now but this is what it looks like so far i want todo a little bit more of an angle in here the back needs a lot of love because we need toget these curls to lay in nice see how they

dried kind of just everywhere we want to cutthat into where when she styles it in the morning it just kind of lays together so we'regoing to need to put a lot of texture back there and like i said a little more detailwork around the ears and then around the face and throughout it i'm going to do some pointcutting and show you some techniques there so to start we are just going to go throughthe top i'm actually just going to take this little section right here right where thehead splits right here i'm going to take it and deep point cut into it i pull the hairup like this and just roll my knuckle in and that fans it out a little bit more so thati can get not be taking out such big chunks of hair and i'm doing this right here just so thatshe can have a little bit of play if she wants

to do spikes or texture right where it partsbefore it comes forward alright so that's good and then we're going to take sectionsstraight up from the head deep point cut into them it's almost like a whole other haircutthat we are are going to do here but we're keeping in all the shape this is all justtexture work so there's a lot of texture work to do you can pull this up and point cut intoit it's really really heavy in here because weleft all that weight so i'm going to take sections this way now which is good that'swhat we want we want to have a lot of room to play in here i'm going to take these sectionsout this way and i'm just going to put the shears in here and just slice out chunks andthis is going to make it lay in a little bit

more but we still have the length we're nottaking off all of the length we're just making it a little bit less fluffy less bulky allthat good stuff is going to be fixed there so you can see there's a pretty hard linei'm going to go in here with the scissors and the comb and just point cut to softenthis out and with curls you see how there's this curl right here that's just kind of stickingout you can go in here and just kind of softly take it out just to give it that nice shapei'm going to pull this angle it goes like this and it comes down i'm going to pull thatback over to where we cut it and point cut into it just to make sure that we don't cutoff the shape and i'm holding the comb so that it's parallel to the line that i've alreadycut so that i can just soften it up a little

bit so now in this back i'm going to haveyou look down you can see all of these curly patterns here i'm going to take my razor aroundher neck line and i'm just going to softly make sure the guide is on there i'm just goingto softly shape out kind of a straight line but it will be soft because it's the razorthis is just going to clean up any neckline make sure you check for any moles or anythingthat's sticking out from the neck because you won't want to use this on it because itcould cut those off if they have a mole you'll have to use your clippers or your scissorsand i'm using my mirror i can see the shape of her hair right in here and i can see ifthere's anything sticking out as i rotate her a little bit and just keep looking intothe mirror so make sure you are using your

mirror how you're supposed to be using ityou don't have to move around as much if you have that angle and i am going to use therazor a little bit here just to piece out some of this there we go you don't want anyflat spots on this for her and she was asking me how to style this you could style thisa lot of different ways you could do it kind of spiky like this or you could pull thistop up since you have a mohawk but you would have to blow dry that differently but youshe has tons of texture if she blow dried all of this up and have kind of like a mohawkgoing on well we're messing it up now but i blew dried if forward so we are going todo it forward today but it has so much texture in it you can play a lot with this haircutwhat a transformation holy cow you look different

it's cute though really cute fun haircut alrightyou guys i hope you guys like it here's a little spin so you can see this haircut we'lldo a couple pictures of it and let me know if you guys have any more requests and i hopeyou guys liked it we'll see you next time bye

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

women's hair extensions

hello everyone this is breanna rutter authorof the book the natural hair bible and founder of for the style i willbe teaching you how to do tree braids on your very own hair there are two different waysyou can do the tree braids hairstyle one option by individual tree braids in the other optionare cornrow tree braids i will specifically teach you how to do cornrow tree braids onyour own hair so the following materials you will need to achieve this hairstyle will befive packages or bundles of braiding hair you will also need a wide tooth comb for detanglingyour hair a rat tail comb for parting your hair duckbill clips to keep your hair sectionedhair cutting scissors a blow dryer a paddle brush and then for styling you will also needbobby pins and hair ties so once you have

all of your supplies ready in the next step,step number two i will teach you how to do cornrow tree braiding techniques step by step

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

women's hair extensions sale

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